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    Q1:what MOQ of your company product?
    A: First of all our company MOQ is 50 case each items,  Secondly, the MOQ order for fireworks is one conatiner, because fireworks should be loaded in a special contianer, it's not allowed combine with other normal goods in the same container, it's belongs to dangerous goods 1.4G UN0336/ 1.3G UN0335, and the H.S. Code is 3604100000
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    Q2:what MOQ of the private label?
    A :The private label MOQ is depending on the MOQ of printing label. Normaly the cake private label MOQ is 300 case, the 24 kit shells pack MOQ is 400 case.
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    Q3:how to import fireworks directly from China?
    A: Fireworks is different from other general products, its belongs to 1.4S/1.4G/1.3G dangerous classification. your need to get the fireworks import license, this special license is required for the customs clearance in your port.
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    Q4:Can you send me a sample? 
    UNE: Sample service will be provided. Welcome to visit our factory and showroom in Liuyang, and we will arrange the samples demo for you at night, so you can test fireworks effects and quality.
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    Q5: When is the best time to place order?
    UNE: US market-- for Christmas season, the best time to place order is before May, no later than July. Because there is high temperature ban from the middle of July to September. US market-- for July 4th season, the best time to place order is before September.
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    Q6: Can you do OEM?
    UNE: Yes, welcome you put your own logo and design on the label, we can make the design for free if your quantity is match our private label MOQ.
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    Q7:Do you have any stock?
    UNE: Yes, we have some stock in any time. If you missed the best time of placing your order , you can contact us by email to asking for the stock items.
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    Q8:Wonder if you accept small orders?
    UNE: Ne vous inquiétez pas. Feel free to contact us .in order to get more orders and give our clients more convenient ,we accept small order.
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    Q9:How to deal with faulty?
    R: Nous avons un système de contrôle de la qualité strict pour assurer les produits que nous envoyons peut répondre à votre norme. Mais s'il y a toujours des produits défectueux, un remplacement ou un remboursement peuvent être proposés.
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    Q10: Quels sont les principaux produits et marché?
    UNE: Les principaux types de nos usines peuvent produire: 1,4 g Feux d'artifice des consommateurs: gâteaux, roquettes, bougies romaines, sparklers, fontaines, fumée, pétards .... Notre société principale vendant les feux d'artifice au marché américain.


En tant queNous sommes maintenant impatients de faire plus d'amis avec des gens dans le monde entier et de construire des relations commerciales Morenew. Nous espérons que les feux d'artifice «pêcheur» vous apporteront tout le bonheur, le plaisir et la prospérité.

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